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côr meibion caerfyrddin 



Rhif elusen/ charity number 259482

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Anniversary verse : Ein Cor Ni

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“Côr Ni” by Dai Lewis (B2).


This is a year of celebrating for a grand body of gents,

Who, each Tuesday evening sing songs to their hearts' content.

At half time we have biscuits and tea,

Then have to dash off for a pee.


The 4 sections all know their places,

Tops, Tenors, Baritones and Basses.

Each a unique contribution

To the Choir's constitution.


A section less is not a choir,

And would leave much for listeners to desire.

All sections rely one on the other

To produce a rich sound that's full of colour.


Singing words correctly is called 'pronunciation',

Singing words clearly is called 'enunciation'.

But according to Wyn, more important by a mile,

Is to enjoy ourselves and to SMILE!


As soon as Heather starts playing,

We know what Wyn will be saying,

He repeats and repeats, it's important you see,

When he keeps saying, 'LOOK AT ME'!


Without a conductor and pianist

The Choir could not possibly exist.

And so I say to Wyn and Heather,

Many thanks for helping us sing all together.


For 60 years the Choir has been

Part of the Carmarthenshire scene,

At weddings, services and concerts galore,

And here's hoping for a whole lot more.


The real Diamond's not the Anniversary,

It is the whole Choir, Officials, and Ladies Committee.


There's only one way to conclude,

My good ladies and gentlemen,

And that's in the time honoured way of

Amen, Amen, Amen.

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